Fatawa Alamgiri Translation

Indians lost major civilisational wars in the past 1000 years because they did not have ‘shatru bodh’, or a sense of the enemy. The reason was a lack of ‘purva paksha’, or analytical research into the doctrines of those who sought to destroy us and our civilisation.

The foremost doctrine that governs the life of Muslims of the sub-continent is not the foundational text of the Shariat or the Qur’an but that of the Fatawa Alamgiri, which was got compiled by Aurangzeb under 2 Naqshbandi scholars - Sheikh Nizam Burhanpuri, and Shah Abdul Rahim (father of Shah Waliullah). Surprisingly, this text is only in Urdu and is not available in any Indian language. Even in English, it is not available except one or two volumes.

It is a voluminous text and would require many years of labour to translate. We have set up a team to do a Hindi translation. The expenses would go to the tune of nearly 50 lakhs over 2-3 years. This donation page seeks funds to start and sustain this purva paksha activity. This donation page is to request all our patrons to contribute towards this effort.

Latest Update

We started the enormous task of translating the source of Mohammedan law in India (Fatawa Aalamgiri) with the motive of creating a Purva Paksha of Islam. The Crowdfunding has been completed in a record time of around 44 days. We would like to thank all the Sanatanis for their contribution to the cause of Purav Paksha that was absent in India.

As we had announced earlier, our translation has already started and we will be posting the snippets from the chapters as and when the translation process proceeds.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project. Its people like you who would help to sustain the Dharma in years to come.

Note: Contributors will get a FREE copy of the Book [Digital/Physical Copy]

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